Top Sex Toys For Couples That You Must Try

Let’s face it; sex is pretty awesome as it is. But if you’ve been going at it for a while with the same partner, you might be looking for ways to spice it up. Now, when we say sex toys, most of us think of vibrators, fleshlights, and other toys you’d naturally use for solo play. However, there are a lot of fun sex toys for couples you can try out!

Incorporating Sex Toys in a Relationship Has a Lot of Benefits

Several studies have shown that when a couple opts to introduce sex toys to their relationship, it can be more beneficial than just being kinky. You may not realize it, but these sex toys (such as bullet vibrators, vibrating cock rings, etc.) can enhance your relationship overall. You see, as you’re experiencing something new (you may even discover a new fantasy), the intimacy increases. As a result, the two of you will grow closer together.

Also, since you need to discuss what both of you like and what your boundaries are, your communication gets better. You also build mutual trust as you have to rely on your partner more than during vanilla sex. And as these toys are for both of you, they shouldn’t be independently selected. That makes the purchase (and research) a couples activity.

There Are Different Types of Sex Toys, and There Is a Long List

As we’ve already mentioned, most people still think that sex toys are something you can use on yourself only when flying solo. However, that is far from true. Sure, there are things like magic wand vibrators, butt plugs, et al.

But there are also plenty of toys that can enhance your oral sex, as well as penetrative sex. Each erogenous zone has a set of toys dedicated to it, and there’s no reason the two of you shouldn’t exploit them. There’s a long list of kinky sex toys for couples, and we’ve made one that highlights the best and the most popular. In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of some of them.

Chastity Cage

Chastity cage is a device, usually metal, that a male partner puts on his penis. What it does is it stops him from getting an erection, which ultimately results in a lack of orgasm, unless the other partner takes it off. Although there’s no erection involved, the male partner is still aroused and horny all the way through. The chastity cage is most often used by BDSM fans and is about the psychological aspect of sex — your partner can control whether or not you get to cum!

Oftentimes, couples into power play use chastity cages. One partner takes control of the other and directs the session the way they want. Although this kind is not for everyone, many people find it arousing to lose control over their erection. It might be something you’re into without even knowing!

Nipple Clamps

As the name suggests, people into nipple play will be huge fans of nipple clamps! They have a design similar to those clamps you’d attach to a car’s battery. The point of them is to put pressure on your teats and increase the blood flow. That way, your nipples will become more sensitive, and you’ll get off on that pressure. Of course, if you’re into getting your nips squeezed. You can adjust the tightness with which they clamp up, and there’s often a chain connecting the two clamps. Your partner can yank your chain (literally) and get you all woozy.

Strapon Dildo

Strapon dildo is basically a dildo attached to a belt that one of you wears. That way, your partner can penetrate you even if they don’t have a penis of their own. It’s an excellent way for straight couples who are into role reversal or for lesbian couples. Dominant women like to use strapon dildos on their submissive partners to assert dominance and treat them like a fuckee.

Additionally, gay couples can use it as well (or straight ones with the male wearing it). Again, it’s a dominance thing as you neglect your partner’s penis and force him to use a dildo instead.

Sex Swing

A sex swing is one of those toys that has nothing to do with BDSM or suchlike psychological fantasies. It’s a simple toy that can significantly spice up your sex life. You attach the swing to the ceiling (or a door), sit in it, and have sex. There are endless possibilities with a sex swing.

For instance, both of you can sit in it (on top of each other), and, as you’re swinging to and fro, you’ll have penetrative sex. You can sit in the swing and feel weightless while the other partner performs oral sex or gets you horny with some massage oil. Ever heard of the fidget spinner? Now, you can perform it and whirl around in circles while sitting on your partner’s penis, which can give you an orgasm few people ever experience.

Additionally, you can sit in the swing and lean back while your partner stands above your face and bends down. It’s basically a weightless 69 we like to call the magic carpet (the swing grants wishes). These are just some of the ideas; as we’ve said, the possibilities are endless.

Submissive Collar

It’s evident from their name what submissive collars are. They’re simply a collar that a submissive partner wears around their neck. They usually have a ring that you can thread a leash through. That way, it’s fantastic for training your sub, as well as pet play, if that’s what floats your boat. You (or your partner) can also wear it as a piece of jewelry and flaunt it in public, with only the two of you knowing its real purpose. That is, unless you bump into a fellow enthusiast.


While we primarily use them alone, vibrators are a handy toy for couples! There are dildos that are specifically designed for more people to use them. For instance, you can use a double-headed dildo for penetration on both of its ends. If you sit in the right position, both of you can have a bit of an in-and-out fun simultaneously.

Some vibrators are remote-controlled. With a connected app as a wireless remote, you can change the speed of the vibrator and control your partner’s orgasm even when you’re not around! Additionally, some differently-shaped vibrators are adapted for couples to use them during sex. If you insert one before penetration, the dildo can stimulate a girl’s clitoris hands-free while also putting some welcome pressure on a guy’s shaft!

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